• Custom Weight Lifting Belts Custom Weight Belts
    Built to the highest standards to meet the
    punishment endured through training sessions
    and competition events. Suede lined, individually
    hand finished weight belts that you simply
    can't get with mass produced inferior belts.
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  • Our Products Heavy Duty Sewing
    The majority of our work is on belts and
    other leather products using some really thick
    leather. Every day we have to stitch through
    3-4 layers of 5-6mm leather, this can be over
    3/4 inch of leather! Luckily our machines cope
    with this punishment day in and day out giving
    us consistent stength & control of our stitch.
  • Our Products Hand Picked Leather Hides
    We source all our leather and hides from UK
    stock. We have access to an amazing selection
    of tanned leathers from standard Oak tanned
    natural Cow hides to speciality leathers like
    Buffalo, Crocodile, Embossed Patterned, Suedes,
    Hair on Hide and even REAL Python skins!
  • Our Products Motorcycle Accessories
    We're really into our custom motorcycles.
    Whether it's building them, riding them
    or making accessories for them. Saddles,
    Saddle bags and specialist leather work
    are all done to the exacting standards these
    machines deserve. Jacket Patches, Chaps
    and Waist Coats are also a speciality.

Our Product Range

We make a diverse range of products, Below are some of the most popular goods that we produce here. We've only listed the leatherworks products that we have the most call for. The majority of our leather work we do is commissioned work or bespoke for the customer but this list gives an idea of the products we either stock or 'batch make'. We are continuously adding to our range and this list will grow, check back regularly to see what's new.


Below is a bit more of an insight into a couple of the things we feel deeply for here at The Leatherworks Llandeilo with a bit of a focus on our Weight Belts.

Keep in touch with us on Facebook for the latest products we're working on. If you'd like to see us produce something that is important to you please don't hesitate to let us know, we might already be on your wavelength...