• Custom Weight Lifting Belts Custom Weight Belts
    Built to the highest standards to meet the
    punishment endured through training sessions
    and competition events. Suede lined, individually
    hand finished weight belts that you simply
    can't get with mass produced inferior belts.
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  • Our Products Heavy Duty Sewing
    The majority of our work is on belts and
    other leather products using some really thick
    leather. Every day we have to stitch through
    3-4 layers of 5-6mm leather, this can be over
    3/4 inch of leather! Luckily our machines cope
    with this punishment day in and day out giving
    us consistent stength & control of our stitch.
  • Our Products Hand Picked Leather Hides
    We source all our leather and hides from UK
    stock. We have access to an amazing selection
    of tanned leathers from standard Oak tanned
    natural Cow hides to speciality leathers like
    Buffalo, Crocodile, Embossed Patterned, Suedes,
    Hair on Hide and even REAL Python skins!
  • Our Products Motorcycle Accessories
    We're really into our custom motorcycles.
    Whether it's building them, riding them
    or making accessories for them. Saddles,
    Saddle bags and specialist leather work
    are all done to the exacting standards these
    machines deserve. Jacket Patches, Chaps
    and Waist Coats are also a speciality.

Our Bags & Wallet Range

So many bags, So many Wallets, which ones to pick to put on display here...

We make Bi-Fold, Long, Biker and Roped Wallets, Card only, etc holders, Cash and Shrapnel pouches and more.

The 'Roper' Biker style wallets, like the one shown below, have an amazing amount of work put into them and are a premium product - these start at around the £200 mark. For a simpler and more rustic wallet we have a range of bi-folds with various compartment possibilities - these start at £60

Our bag range very varied and an overview of our designs is below. This isn't a comprehensive list as some of our bags kind of fall between some of these catagories. We'll update this page with example pictures as soon as we can.

Bag Design List

  • Athletic Bag: Our athletic bags are roomy! Like a stylish 'hold-all' style bag that you can stuff loads of stuff in. Ideal for shooting off for a weekend, etc.

  • Backpack: Some call it a Rucksack - various designs available.

  • Baguette bag: Like a Clutch Bag but with a short and narrow shoulder strap.

  • Bowling Bag: Semi-circular bag with strong handles and optional strap. strangly enough they're Bowling Ball size...

  • Bucket Bag: Square or Circular options - shaped almost like a straight sided bucket. Open top with a shoulder strap.

  • Clutch Bag: Long and narrow bag without a handle. Holds your keys and small purse - Wristlet option strap available.

  • Duffel Bag: Our favorite bag! Duffel Bags can be made of 100% leather or fabric middle section. It is a useful size multipurpose bag.

  • Envelope Bag: Looks like an envelope. Ours has an optiona zip closure.

  • Hobo Bag: Another favorite. Large, crescent shape with a slouchy posture and shoulder strap.

  • Laptop Bag: Not just for your electronic stuff. Various sizes.

  • Messenger Bag: or courier bag, shoulder strap can be worn cross-body - we mostly make 'man bag' styles.

  • Satchel: Shoulder strap option - great option for office workers, etc.

  • Shoulder Bag: Straight forway shoulder straped bag made from high quality soft leather.

  • Sling Bag: or Cross Body - like a rucksack with one strap.

  • Tote Bag: a great every-day bag. Ours has a shoulder strap option. can be 100% leather or made up of various fabrics to your taste. Stylish shopping bag.